• 40″ Double Row L.E.D Work Light LW94203

    $399.99 $275.00
  • 59″ Towmate Super Bright LED Light Bar Upgraded W/ Work lights & S/S/T 11863

    $1,025.00 $899.00
  • Fusion Light Bar 49″ Full Size LED Light Bar 13824

    $2,117.00 $1,159.00
  • Fusion Light Bar 60″ FN6016

    $1,799.00 $1,399.99
  • Justice LED Add On Head for Whelen

    Justice LED Add On Head for Whelen

    $118.99 $84.99
  • Justice LED Light Bar by Whelen

    Adding more LED Heads is easy & simple. Just plug’em in.
    ■ Clear outer lens standard with a moisture resistant compression fit gasket. Optional color lenses available.
    ■ Four corner Linear Super-LED® modules provide full 360 degree coverage, for SAE J845 Class 1 certification.
    ■ Corners are available with 6 or 9 diode Super-LED modules.
    ■ Optional LIN6™ or CON3™ light head modules. CON3 has removable optic spreading filters
    for outer sections.
    ■ Center section available with optional single LIN6, CON3 or two LTR3™s
    (for split color center section).
    ■ Black polycarbonate base on an extruded aluminum platform for added strength.
    ■ Adjustable mount foot allows the lightbar to be mounted parallel to the street surface,
    no matter the shape of the vehicle roof.
    ■ Standard passenger side cable, driver side optional.
    ■ Service oriented light bar allows easy access: ● Upgrade or service lightbar right in the field
    ● Remove four screws to access any section of the lightbar ● Change Colors
    ● Light head replacement is as simple as removing one screw and single connector
    ■ Five year HDP® Heavy-Duty Professional warranty on LEDs.
    ■ All Justice models are 12″ wide and only 2-1/4” high (without mounting feet) in
    three standard lengths of: 44”, 50-1/8” and 56-1/4”, plus a 62” Wrecker Bar. The 62″ Wrecker Bar comes Standard from us.
    ■ Optional GTT Opticom™ emitter, LED brake/tail/turn and Traffic Advisors™ with control head available.

    $1,199.99 $999.99
  • Mini 4200 Programmable Controller 13706

    $209.99 $149.99
  • NForce Interior Lightbar ENFWBFSF07

    $1,499.00 $999.99

    $1,850.00 $1,550.00
  • Sound Off Signal N Force Traffic Controller ENFTCDXS1208

    $1,299.99 $899.99
  • Towmate LED Lightbar PLC59U

    59″ Upgraded Power-Link light bar comes complete with the light bar with the latest full coverage end cap design, PLC-TX6 6-button Power-Link control pad, hardwire wireless transmitter, and hardware-mount base. Both the light bar and control pad for in the cab install with just two wires (12V+ and Ground) from each item. Signals are sent via the vehicles power lines in order to control the 4 flash patterns (including traffic control arrows and strobe) and the three work lights. The two brake, tail, and turn heads are controlled wirelessly with the included TowMate wireless transmitter. The same wireless transmitter can be used to operate a TowMate wireless tow light. With 23 high-intensity strobe heads featuring 4 1 watt LED's in each, you are sure to be seen with this bar.

    $1,675.00 $1,499.95
  • 49″ LED Light Bar

    Modular design for simple strobe upgrades
    Standard with amber strobes
    11 flash patterns
    Can be customized by adding blue, clear or red strobe heads
    2.3″, low profile design
    Extruded aluminum frame
    SAE J595 & J845 Class 1 rated
    Middle strobes: 3 LED reflector heads
    Corner strobes: 6 LED D-fuser heads
    15' cable
    Multiple mounting options
    60″L x 13″W x 2.3″T
    5-Year warranty

    $1,599.50 $1,099.99