Roll Back Carriers

Roll Back Carrier

  • Dynamic DynaTrac Car CarrierDynamic DynaTrac Car Carrier

    Dynamic DynaTrac Car Carrier

    The Dyna-Trac is a sleek and reliable carrier. Options include 19’ or 21’ usable deck rated for 12,000 lbs., stationary or removable side rails, deck mounted or chassis mounted headboard. The Dyna-Trac comes standard with a manual 4,000lb. wheelift but can be upgraded to a self loader. All roll backs feature easily accessible independent dual hydraulic valve bodies connected with anodized steel tubes. No rods or linkage problems here. Industry’s only standard 4 year warranty.

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  • Low Loader Car Carrier

    Low Loader Car Carrier

    The Low Loader is the lowest load angle rollback carrier on the market. Its innovative design using a forklift platform transforms the load capacity and angle capability of the bed.