PTO Repair Parts

  • Muncie 10' PTO CableMuncie 10' PTO Cable

    Muncie 10′ PTO Cable

    The standard PTO cable made by Muncie

  • Muncie E Hydra Harness Kit

    • Simple electrically controlled shifter which
    uses hydraulic force to engage the PTO.
    • Simple double throw switch allows
    you to push to engage and push to
    disengage the PTO.
    • Low current draw during engage
    & disengage cycle.
    • No current draw in the On or Off position.
    • Easy connections with pre-wired connectors.
    • Manual override connection provided.

    $219.95 $176.58
  • Muncie E Hydra Solenoid Kit

    Muncie E Hydra Solenoid Kit – 28TA4685

    $199.95 $139.95
  • Muncie Hot Shift Install Kit for Allison Trans

    Muncie Hot Shift Install Kit for Allison Trans

    $271.24 $271.24
  • Muncie Lectra Shift Solenoid kitMuncie Lectra Shift Solenoid kit

    Muncie Lectra Shift Solenoid kit

    Electric shift solenoid kit for Muncie lectra shift PTO’s

  • Muncie PTO Cable Kit Manual

    Shift Cover, Cable & Cable Clamp Kit

    $119.95 $99.99
  • -8%
    Muncie Pump 11gpmMuncie Pump 11gpm

    Muncie Pump 11gpm

    This pump operates from direct engine power. A dash-mounted switch permits convenient control. Solid one piece shaft. Integral mounting pad. Both side and rear ports make installation easier.
    • Heavy-duty cast iron construction
    • Speeds to 4000 RPM, with pressures to 3500 PSI
    • 11 GPM @ 1000 RPM.
    • Weight 32 lbs.
    $512.00 $469.95