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  • Basic Combo Complete Set


    8 Basic Chrome Tools With Sure Grip Handles
    5 Advanced Chrome Tools
    2011-2012 Car Opening Manual For Auto And Heavy Truck
    Glassman Tool For Frameless Window Vehicles
    One Hand Jack Tool
    Air Wedge
    Flexible Long Reach Tool
    Wedgee Wedge
    Wonder Shield
    Slim Jim
    Copper Loop Tool
    Power Grip Tip Set
    Heavy Duty 30 Inch Soft Carrying Case

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    Bmw KitBmw Kit

    Bmw Kit

    Ever need to get into a BMW? You try and pull on the handle, but it just won’t open. Access tools has the solution. Introducing The BMW Kit™. It features a specialty tool and manual, specifically designed to get into deadlocked BMW’s. Now, in most cases, it will no longer be necessary to call the dealer and have a key made. Our system disables the deadlock, allowing you to open the car in a matter of seconds.

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  • Deluxe Pro Lock Out Kit

    21 piece kit, includes 18 Tools & Wedges plus manual & a flex neck flash light

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  • DWS Look Out Kit

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  • Easy Off Twist Socket Set

    The Easy Off ™ Twist socket set Works Like Magic to remove all Damaged or Locked Lug Nuts without a Key! With our exclusive Sure Twist Grip ™ technology locked wheel lugs spin off with no effort. These sockets grip lock nuts that threaded or wedge stile sockets just canメt touch. Five sizes to fit virtually every lock lug nut on the market. Easy to use and works with Impact gun or breaker bar.

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  • Emergency Response Kit

    Designed by first responders, the Emergency Response Kit has all the tools that you need to get into any vehicle on the road in an emergency situation. This kit is small enough to fit in almost any vehicle.

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    Emergency Response Kit Long CaseEmergency Response Kit Long Case

    Emergency Response Kit Long Case

    Emergency Response Kit Long Case

    $149.99 $149.99
  • Fast Access Car Opening Set

    Features and Benefits: Fast access to any vehicle Best selling air jack included Best selling one hand jack tool Instructional DVD with follow the Pro’s tips Quick, effective, and safe on any vehicle The Fast Access Car Opening Set was designed to include all of the basic tools and accessories needed to open any vehicle quickly, easily, and without damage. The included Flexible Long Reach Tool works well with any vehicle, and the ballistic nylon Air Jack Air Wedge in conjunction with the One Hand Jack Tool leave no vehicle unable to be opened. The Strip Tool works very well on any vehicle with a stubborn vertical door lock button. There is an Instructional DVD and Manual included with the kit that provides quick, expert training on the proper use of the included tools. The Fast Access Car Opening Set is a must-have kit for anyone working with automobiles.

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  • Lightening Rod Accessory Kit

    The solution to night openings and dark tinted windows. The Lightning Rod kit features our Lightning Rod Long Reach Tool, which allows for use at night without having to hold a flashlight, often impossible while trying to complete this type of opening. The light is self-contained in the tip, therefore there is no need for a hollow rod, which allows for a more rigid, durable rod. An extra battery and extra clear rubber tips are included, so you are never stuck without it. This indeed one of the most useful car opening tools in the car opening industry. The light uses LED technology that is durable, small, and energy efficient while providing a crisp white light.

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  • Lightening Rod Car Opening Kit

    LED light, great for tinted windows and for opening vehicles at night Soft coated tool will not scratch the paint Integrated carrying bag attaches to the tool for convenient storage Comes with an extra battery and extra rubber tips at no charge Includes our famous one hand jack, which makes inserting the Air wedge a breeze With so much success with our best seller, the one hand jack set, we took the next logical step. We took our great long reach tool and added a revolutionary light. Unlike some other items on the market, this light is completely contained in the tip instead of having a hollow tool with the components in the handle. The result is a long reach tool that has the same stiffness as our regular rod thanks to its solid construction.

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  • Master Locksmith Super Set

    This 51 piece complete car opening set will open virtually any vehicle with ease 51 piece complete kit 1979-Current Year 800-Pages Car Opening Manual Designed for locksmiths High quality in-the-door tools The Master Locksmith Super Set is the most complete lockout set from Access Tools designed for locksmith professionals. Using the included Car Opening Manual , all basic car opening procedures are outlined in detail to make lockouts quick and easy. All of the high quality in-the-door tools feature our unique Tool-ID system that aids in locating the correct tool for the job. This set includes the Glassman tool for frameless window vehicles, the versatile Flexible Long Reach tool, the Power Night Vision Light for nighttime lockouts, and our best selling Wedgee wedge. This set of essential car opening tools, together with the accessories included, will get you into virtually tool needed for any vehicle on the road today. Includes: 22 Chrome Tools With Sure Grip Handles, Two With Piranha Grip, 9 Advanced Chrome Tools, 2011-2012 Car Opening Manual For Auto And Heavy Truck, 2011-2012 Car Opening Manual On Cd-rom, Car Opening Instructional Dvd, Power Night Vision Light, Glassman Tool For Frameless

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