Camlock & Plunger Kits

  • Camlock 1-3/8″

    Camlock 1-3/8″

    $57.99 $49.99
  • Camlock 1″

    Camlock 1″

    $55.99 $49.99
  • Camlock 5/8″

    Camlock 5/8″

    $49.99 $36.99

    Twist cam locks are the next generation of securement pins. Quite simply, they are a better way to do things. The plunger and spring design is easier to use and much more reliable than old style locking pins. One hand operation allows you to open the assembly and put it into the automatic locking position without fumbling. Once in the automatic locking position, the pin will fully engage once the holes on your bar line up. These high quality cam locks are easy to install. For use on: Tow Slings, Tow Bars, L-Arms….The Diameter of the Pin is 3/4 of an Inch

    $49.99 $18.99